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Chapter 4: How Can Filing a Patent Application Protect Your Invention?

Often people ask: “If we file this patent application, will I be protected?”

My response: “It depends on what you mean by ‘protected.’ Let’s talk about it and I’ll explain.”

Not all patent applications are created equal. The priority that is established for you—as the first inventor of the product—is only as good as the description used in your patent application. And a patent application is only as good as the quality of the writing within it.

The quality of the patent application, be it utility, provisional, or design, is critical to getting a strong patent, and even to getting any patent at all.

A poorly written application might have an earlier date than a competitor’s application, but is far less likely to result in a strong patent, one that you could use to stop people from stealing your invention.

The one thing that truly has a chance of getting you strong patent protection for your idea is an application that’s been written correctly, with:

(1) full understanding of what your invention is,
(2) full understanding of what’s distinct about your invention, and
(3) full understanding of your goals for this invention.

This is an important prerequisite toward ensuring that the patent you end up with is a match for your needs…

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Chapter:

  • Filing a Patent Application Protects Your Priority Toward Getting a Patent
  • You Need an Actual Patent to Protect Against Copying
  • The Type of Copying You Can Stop Depends on the Patent

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