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Chapter 10: Working with a Patent Attorney

Confidentiality: Is It Safe to Talk to an Attorney About Your Idea?

Since this is a common question or concern that new clients have when they call my office, we might as well start here!

It is natural and understandable to have this concern/question. After all, your idea at this point is secret. You haven’t told anyone. And the very fact that you even want to talk to a patent attorney means that you consider your idea to be valuable!

So, is it safe? The truth is—yes, it is safe; attorneys are bound to keep confidential whatever information you disclose to them about your invention. They can’t tell others, and they can’t use the information for any other purpose than to help you protect your rights…

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Chapter:

  • Confidentiality: Is It Safe to Talk to an Attorney About Your Idea?
  • Finding a Patent Attorney
  • The Big Four “Don’ts” That Could Derail Your Relationship with Your Patent Attorney

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