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Appendix A: Patenting Software and Apps

How Should Software Be Protected—with a Copyright or a Patent?

Even with the patentable subject matter controversy that we will discuss below, a patent is still the appropriate way to protect a process inherent in software and apps. What you would aim to protect are the processes that embody the distinctive functional features of your software product that make it unique in the marketplace.

As you know, when you’re writing code, you could write it in many different ways. You could fulfill the same objective by writing code in different languages, and with lots of different techniques for organizing and grouping instructions. The final product—the code you wrote—could be literally protected with a copyright. But then again, knowing that anyone could vary significantly how the code is written, without changing the way it functions at all…

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Appendix:

  • How Should Software Be Protected—with a Copyright or a Patent?
  • At What Point During Development Should You Consider Patent Protection?
  • Current Controversy over Patentable Subject Matter
  • Finding the Right Patent Attorney for a Software Patent Project
  • Is a Deep Technology Specialist Worth the Premium Price?

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